Artist Introduce: Paigey Cakey

Are you a strong Independent woman who don’t need no man and loves to get turnt up to trap music on the weekend perhaps? Me too! No, not really, but I know that a lot of young women who love a good trap beat & some smooth vocals sitting on it. That is why I am choosing Paigey Cakey to introduce today.


Paigey Cakey, real name Paige Meade, is a UK rapper from Hackney, London. I first heard her on tracks with Lady Leshurr, who I regularly listened to at the time.

Paigey started releasing solo tracks after & also made regular appearances on Link Up TV usually guest featuring on other artists work. I found the songs that Paigey was featuring on were usually poor quality despite her impressive verses on the them. But I’m not here to talk about songs you shouldn’t listen to so lets move onto her ‘Red Velvet’ album. This project something I was unsure I would like as Paigey is heavily American culture in her music & her fashion, but that was simply a taboo that a UK artist can’t be Americanized and make successful & popular music.

After listening to the album I found the mix of grime & trap influences a nice combination, Paigey is not only a talented rapper with clever lyrics but also has a great singing voice meaning her hooks & melodic parts of songs always sound fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the album a lot & even kept two of the tracks ‘Pattern’ & ‘Down’ on my regular playlist. Also a mention to ‘Same Way’ & ‘NaNa’ which are two tracks not from the album highlighted in this article but could also be something for you to check out if you like what you hear from Paigey.

You’ll notice that I’ve directed this post towards the female audience primarily and the reason for this is in my experience a lot of men find it hard to rate women rappers, bar on their appearance. So if your fresh off your Bryson Tiller binge & you want something to sing in the mirror or lip sync on Snapchat then Paigey Cakey could be the artist for you!

Let me know your thoughts below!



Reaction Videos


Yeah, I bet you haven’t heard that saying in a while but I’m super hip hop & happening so I thought I would bust that quote out, reckless I know. Basically I have found myself watching lots of reaction videos on YouTube recently, specifically people from America listening to UK music because I am intrigued to see if they like it as much as I do.
The channel I find myself on the most is Zias channel as the guys on there have fantastic energy and I find them funny to watch and they also do some freestyle rap at the beginning of most of their reaction videos which I always find entertaining.
But after watching a few other less successful people on YouTube who still have a respectable following I don’t really know how I end up there and I feel like I’m not quite sure why I am watching their content at all.
I feel that it is a strange phenomenon that people are gaining money & popularity from simply listening to new music in front of people on the internet, something we all do on a daily basis without a camera pointing at us & ad revenue going in our pocket.
I guess everyone is out to voice their opinion which I am always happy to hear but I find that these “Reaction YouTubers” most of the time don’t even speak when listening to the song, It makes me feel like this is empty content and I guess it will be something that baffles me until the phase dies out.
let me know your opinions below.


SOTW 1/2/17

Despite coming out on January 26th, this song has been on repeat in my headphones since Dave & J Hus dropped it. This track features a mix of funny & Street bars from J Hus but this is to be  expected anytime he touches a track at the moment as his combination of humour & gun talk has propelled him to success, mix this with a smooth hook from Dave who seems to be one to watch in 2017 after finishing 2016 so successfully with his 6 Paths EP.
We also hear some fantastic lyrics from Dave on this track he always comes with something interesting, I especially enjoyed his Suits & Friends references. Whereas in the J Hus verse I thoroughly love singing the lyrics “Giving gal the good pipe, her man walks in, it’s not what it looks like, give man high five”.
Mixed with smooth production & a great video, this song has reached over 1.3 million view since its release and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

This song deservedly is my Song of the Week & even has some amusing outtakes if you watch the entirety of the video.
I hope you agree with me & Enjoy the song.
Let me know what you think down below!