Reaction Videos


Yeah, I bet you haven’t heard that saying in a while but I’m super hip hop & happening so I thought I would bust that quote out, reckless I know. Basically I have found myself watching lots of reaction videos on YouTube recently, specifically people from America listening to UK music because I am intrigued to see if they like it as much as I do.
The channel I find myself on the most is Zias channel as the guys on there have fantastic energy and I find them funny to watch and they also do some freestyle rap at the beginning of most of their reaction videos which I always find entertaining.
But after watching a few other less successful people on YouTube who still have a respectable following I don’t really know how I end up there and I feel like I’m not quite sure why I am watching their content at all.
I feel that it is a strange phenomenon that people are gaining money & popularity from simply listening to new music in front of people on the internet, something we all do on a daily basis without a camera pointing at us & ad revenue going in our pocket.
I guess everyone is out to voice their opinion which I am always happy to hear but I find that these “Reaction YouTubers” most of the time don’t even speak when listening to the song, It makes me feel like this is empty content and I guess it will be something that baffles me until the phase dies out.
let me know your opinions below.


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